Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Toothy McFang

The kid's about to pop a tooth.
We've been observing a strange discoloration in is lower gum for nearly a week, and now we can finally feel the vaguest hint of a nubbin' of fang... I have mixed feelings.

Good for you, tooth-farmer. And yet... our little boy is all growsed up...

He is getting very mobile. Tonight we went in to watch him sleep for a few minutes and he had his legs all up on and through the side rails. And earlier, I sat him about 15 inches from the laundry basket and threw one of his toys in there and he leaned forward, grabbed onto the sides, and pulled himself first into a sitting position, and then onto one knee; before throwing himself face/chest first into the basket at the padded truck.

In other news,

1)I haven't breast fed in a week, and i'm down to pumping every day or so... It's been a concious decision to stop, and I'm only pumping for my own comfort, but I'm still anticipating some kind of emotional breakdown to sneak up on me at some point when I've conviced myself i don't care anymore.

2) I heard today that Kink.os/Fedex has decided to drop the Kink.os name... The is significant in Webbie-family lore as all the west-coast boys seem to have their love lives overtly or covertly linked to the now-former corporation. I know it was all about Junglecopy-love, but I think Kink.os was in the mix somehow.

3) It looks like Obama will be the dem nom for president... mark it down in the history books.

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