Saturday, June 28, 2008

Newsletter: Month 9


Today you turned 9 months old.

We have had quite a month.

We spent time in ohio.

You grew some teeth.

And you started creeping and pulling yourself to a standing position.

We have taken (literally) hundreds of photographs this month.

I have to go back and check, but I think this is the first month without an ear infection since day care started.

You are a well-traveled, healthy, happy, mobile boy!

Today, you went swimming for the first time...

As I expected you did awesome.

Hesitant at first, mostly related to water temperature.

By the end, you were kicking and reaching and riding in inner tubes.

You were smiling and laughing and wanting everyone to watch you.

At the end of our adventure, I decided I wanted you to go under the water. I dipped you and you didn't even cry... Just gave me a dirty look that was like, "What the charred-duck was that for?!?"

There's more to say, but a few more pictures are better than more words...

We love you,

Your mommies!

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