Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Mama's home

Kt came home last night. JB was very excited to see her. Me too. Being a single mom is exhausting, but being without my boo makes me feel a little lost in the wilderness that is mundane, suburban life. She was only gone 4 days but in that time, I got a little sore throat, 2 sties, my period, and managed to turn the homestead into a flop house...

JB popped his second tooth (Mr Rightie on the bottom next to a rapidly growing Mr Lefty), went swimming in a real pool for the first time, learned how to ooh-waa-ooh-waah (make varied noises with his hand on and off his mouth like a caricature of an Indian), and really started creeping (he will move 3 or 4 feet toward an object he wants like the remote control or our cell phones.) He is becoming such a big boy.

Coxsackie is at the day care. There was a big poster on the door yesterday morning, like a medieval decree. This is a virus that used to be called hoof and mouth disease, then "hand, foot, and mouth disease," Now, as my mother says, "cock-sack-y?!? That seems like a crazy name!?!"

Anyway, JB was a little listless and "not himself this weekend". I put that in quotes because he changes all the time so, it is hard to know if something "new" is the "new normal". Anyway, he was sleeping more and eating less than he usually does, so that could be anything like the heat, or the teeth, or the missing mama, or a boy trying to grow... but now we're waiting to see if a fever and/or spots follow. Cammy felt a little warm last night, but she's the same age as JB and that could be all the above mentioned things too.

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