Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Our boy

If you are keeping track, there's been nothing on the newsletter front.
Month 10 was due yesterday and month 9 is about 78% done but has sat in a holding pattern of blogger "saved" but not "published" for about 30 days now.

We will catch up but until then, you should know:
He ate bananas today for the first time.
He's eating chicken dinners (homemade with veggies and curry and basil) and can finally get those sticky "puffs" into his own mouth.

He's crawling now... official. He's very mobile. He'll pull himself up on anything, he got stuck in between the couch and the end table yesterday. He is getting dirty feet and clothes for the first time in his life (not just here at home, but at day care too... but let's be honest, we need to start cleaning the floors here more.)

He's kissing and hugging us when we ask him to do these two things. It's all slimy, open-mouthed kissing, and there is no arm involvement in the hug... it is more a head into shoulder kind of move, but he is FOR SURE understanding what we are asking and eager to comply.

The kid is cute, cute, cute.
I recommend one to anyone!

So, congratulations to our blog-stalker, Amber and her little grain of rice!


Anonymous said...

a shoutout for amber wahooooo! -auntie sarah

amber said...

yessss!!! i made it!!!! thanks girls!
you have made me and my fetus happy! :)