Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It takes a village

The night before last, I had a bad dream. It was a dream where all the kids were in danger. Not random, un-named danger, but a specific person threatening JB and his cousins. The person I dreamed about is someone I trust completely, who would never do anything to hurt these kids, but I woke up at about 2am and had a little conversation with myself:

Question posed to self: Are dreams things to take seriously and tuck away as some parcel of indisputable, not-necessarily-provable truth? Should this dream, for example, cause me to revisit what I think I know of a person? Is someone/something sending me a sign from a parallel place? Should I take heed that I might not know what I think I know? or ... Are bad dreams Non Sequiturs? To be "shaken off" and not taken literally or even seriously?

While I was imagining some pros and cons related to both aspects of this question, the baby whimpered 2 rooms away. Worried he was still feverish and wanting to comfort him before he completely woke (or woke Kt) I went in to check on him. My heart nearly stopped in it's cage: he was still asleep, but the side rail was down. He's a climber now, we are careful with side rails, but somehow this danger was waiting for him... like, I mean, someone was waking me, warning me... there's no question in my mind.

I locked the boy in, stroked his hot head, and whispered a prayer of gratitude. Thank heavens for well timed nightmares.

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