Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Things you can eat... sort of

I feel like I have to write a little post about Mac because lately she's just been so sweet and getting so smart and such a pleasure to spend time with... If you read the archives of the GSO, you will notice I have said this pretty much from the moment she arrived (if not before) but at 2 1/2 she might have her moments, but is nothing close to "terrible" as the "twos" are named.

One of the day care workers had a baby. And when Web said to Mac, "Chrissy had her baby: a baby girl." Mackie said, "SHE DID? I WANT TO EAT IT." Web was like, "um okay, not exactly what I expected to hear," but it is what we always say to babies around these parts, "I'm gonna come eat you up." And our babies usually laugh and laugh at that one.

Another story from a little while ago involves all the kids taking a bath together:
Mac: That's JB's peanut
Nana: Yes, his penis.
Mac: His peanut.
Nana and TT: (giggling quietly and deciding not to push it.)
later, when Web came home my mom told her, "Mac saw JB's penis."
Me: Actually, she saw his 'peanut'.
Web (laughing) Well, that explains that...

When we asked for the explanation, my sister recounted that recently, Mac had seen her dad's package, and when she said, "Daddy, what's that?"
He replied, "That's my penis."
To which she exclaimed, "YOU CAN EAT IT?!?"
"um, not really."

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