Thursday, July 17, 2008

Those days

I'm having a few of "those days". By that I mean, I'm totally overwhelmed at the moment. We're running around, just like we always do, sucking up every single ounce of life that might be available. Let's face it, it's what we do, and it's what we love. We love to work hard (though yesterday we both felt like caged animals and spent nearly half the afternoon trying to get each other out of our boredom by phone), play hard (softball in 90 degree heat is no easy task my friends), and laugh as much as possible. I have no example for that this week because we haven't laughed nearly enough.

Mostly because I'm being very difficult.

Anyone who has ever seen me hungry, tired, or (you might want to run for cover) both, knows that I can be... difficult. I'm sure there are some other choice words out there for what happens to me when I don't (or don't feel like I have) any reserves left. To put it lightly, I'm not nice. Worse, I'm totally unpredictable. I might be smiling one minute and the next you'll wonder where those teeth marks came from.

My lovely wife is a master (most of the time) at managing me. She calmly sticks with me while my head spins and I try to nip anyone who comes too close to my cage. And this week is no exception. We've had a run of interrupted sleep due to a certain 9 month old's new habit of waking up in the middle of the night to get some hugs, a dinner for work, and two softball games. And it's only Thursday. We've been away several weekends and are away again this weekend. Don't get me wrong, we'll be having serious fun, but we're still away.

So I've been having some of those days. I'm lucky to have a wife who knows these days are just part of the package and trusts me to work on making them as few in number as possible. And no matter how much I push against the busy-ness, I love it. I love feeling accomplished at work. I love love love that little boy even when I'm exhausted. And last night when I drove away from the softball field, 15 of the most fantastic women I know raised their hands to wave goodnight and I could almost see the gladness at having seen us and the well wishes for a safe drive home floating through the air.

That kind of day makes those other days worth it.

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