Monday, July 14, 2008

Life changing phone call

Yesterday, I got a call from my sister that resulted in the first purposeful conversation I've ever had with Mac on the phone. We try to speak on the phone often- to get her used to the idea that we are there even if we aren't "right there." but it usually goes something like:

Me: Hi mac!
M: Hi
Me: how was school?
M: Hi, tt
Me: How is your sister cam-cam?
M: yeah.
Me: Did you eat dinner with Mommy and Daddy?
M: Hi, tt...
(buttons getting pushed)

Yesterday, my sister called and said that they would have to cancel our lunch plans because Mac would not take a nap. Slow on the uptake, I told her that was fine, and she should do whatever she needed to. Backing out of a previously scheduled appointment is much more my style than my sister's, but the incongruence was lost on me. I was too distracted by the precedent-setting: If I'm honest, there was an instant source of relief that my sister might change her schedule based on her kid's sleep cycle- This seemed like something that would come up for us in the future.

Then Web spoke more slowly and in a voice very much reserved for the humans on Sesame Street. ie: "Grover do you think you should steal that cookie from Cookie Monster?"

Web: No, tt, I'm sorry, we won't be able to come because Mac is not taking a nap.
Me: Ooooooooh... Is this for her benefit?
Web: yes.
Me: (feeling like someone who has just woken up) oh...
Web: Do you want to talk to tt?
Mac: (getting on the phone) TT, I not coming.
Me: What?!? You're not coming to papa's birthday?!?
Mac: No. I take no nap.
Me: Well, then take a nap, so that you can come.
Mac: No.
Me: But what about papa? and JB?? and Katy???
Mac: Katy and JB?
Me: Yeah, don't you want to see them?
Mac: Yeah.
Me: (over-acting like a bad soap star about to reveal a plot twist the audience has been anticipating for several months) Well, then you have to take a nap! So that you can come to papa's party and see Katy and JB!?!?!
Mac: (unimpressed with the drama) Yeah.
Me: So, we'll see you later after your nap?
Mac: On the Dora bed?
Me: Yes, take a nap on the Dora bed... and then come to lunch
Mac: Okay. Bye tt.
Web: (Returning to the phone with her Sesame Street voice still on) Okay, tt, we'll see you when Mac wakes up from her nap.

I hung up the phone and started cackling. Katy looks over like, "What now?" Only the most awesome phone conversation I've ever had with the Mac-attack!!! The brilliance of my sister's parenting tactics are rarely lost on me, but this was the first time the strategy of tag-team persuasion has been used via phone. Also, it was Mac's first official attempt at an independent RSVP.

More important, the door has been opened for the, "call your aunt and take it up with her," type of back and forth that I look forward to as one of the true benefits of sisters raising kids that are close in age.

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