Monday, July 28, 2008

Newsletter: Month 10

Dear JB,

Today you are 10 months old. It seems like a very short time and an eternity all at once. The part that really gets us is that in 2 months you will be ONE YEAR OLD! The time seems like it is going so fast. it's already hard to believe there was a time when you couldn't make funny faces, laugh, and eat food food!

There were a couple of momentous new developments in the last couple of weeks. First, you learned to crawl! People keep telling us that "it's all over now". By "it" I'm assuming they mean that because you are mobile our WHOLE LIFE is over, but, honestly, we're so excited that you can move around. It's better than the alternative: carrying your almost 20lb (and growing!) butt everywhere!

It is a little more labor intensive to watch and play with you because you are almost always non-stop. Before, you used to sit with your toys and hang for hours and we could watch you with one eyeball. Now you require two, sometimes four eyeballs and a few hands to keep you in line. You love your toys, especially the drum sticks Mommy got you from a parade that your Papa was in. Drumming seems to be a favorite activity. No real rhythm yet, but we'll work on that. You also consider the remote control, any telephone, and any glass we want to drink out of your personal toy. They get you moving fast enough to blur.

You pull yourself up on everything: tables, chairs, couches, legs, etc. Sometimes you use your teeth to get up that last inch to where you want to be. You're getting good at cruising around (especially if one of the above named objects is within eyesight!)

The second momentous development is that you have two teeth! Or, as Mac likes to point out, JB HAS TWO TEEFS! You've done pretty well so far with the large hard sharp objects poking through your tiny soft gums - seriously, that HAS to hurt. One of your circus tricks is to "play the tuba" on our cheeks but this sometimes devolves into a puncture wound because I'm not sure you 1. know you have teeth or 2. know what teeth are for.

We did some traveling this month. First to Brooklyn on the 4th of July to see the Womb Whisperer and her man, and HND and his man. You slept all the way there and then woke up with a fever of 102. Coxsackie had run rampant through the daycare that week and we thought for sure you made it out unscathed, but no. You were fussy and cranky but overall a total trooper.

The following day we picked up your Auntie Kate and went to NJ for Dr. R and Dr. U's wedding. You wore a traditional Indian kurti that was just divine. It matched your eyes and personality perfectly. You loved seeing the horse the groom arrived on and dancing with the crowd, and then sat very patiently and quietly through the whole ceremony.

You love love love to iChat with your Grannies in Ohio. Your 10 month birthday was also your Granna's birthday and we FINALLY got the i.Mac back on the internet just in time. You crawl right to the screen and try to touch their faces, and occasionally attempt to eat them. You definitely know they're there and we love when they make you giggle all the way from Ohio. It doesn't make up for the distance, but it helps.

You have become a regular at our softball games. We play two nights a week in the summer and come with us almost every time. There is no dearth of open arms waiting to some Jake time around there - our teammates are JB junkies!

The noises you make are now wide and varied. You have ba, da, ma and occasionally ga down pat. You seem to know exactly what we're saying to you most of the time, and you choose whether or not to pay attention. You communicate in all kinds of ways - including spitting your food at us when you're all done. Or happy. Or saying hi. The inflection in your voice is getting more varied but your favorite sound is still a simple, guttural yell.

We continue to feel blessed each and every day you wake us up at 5:15am. You are such a sweet boy that loves to snuggle and giggle. They love you at daycare, and pretty much anywhere we take you people want to stop and say hi to the boy with "those big blue eyes". Some days we still can't believe you're here and frequently well up with tears in gratitude for the joy you bring us.

With hearts overflowing,
Your Mommies

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