Sunday, June 08, 2008

I've got a girl crush

On Hillary....

The is entire speech is 30 minutes long, but it's kind of worth it.

I think Hills did everything a woman could to
1) Disprove the notion that she is nothing but a divisive figure
2) Show that women are viable candidates for the presidency.
3) UNITE the democratic party... it is nothing but a myth that this 50 state primary race did some kind of harm to Obama or the Democrats.

In fact, more than anyone could have predicted, I think it brought this fight to parts of the country notoriously ignored by the dems.

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dl004d said...

Loved the speech!

She might have even won the nomination if she had been giving that type of speech six months ago. I did not, however, dig the "No-bama" signs in the crowd. Nor the scattered boos when she said Obama's name (which didn't come until 650 words into her speech).