Friday, June 13, 2008

Out-going message

So we are off to Ohio this am for annual summer vacationing in a land-locked state and general frolicking. Yesterday, I got my desk all "cleaned up" and a concise "master" TO DO list outlined on the dry/wipe board for when I return. I set my away message on my email, and changed my alternate voice mail greeting to indicate that I would be unavailable until next Thursday.

Before it lets you change your alternate greeting, our voice mail system replays the last alternate greeting that you left. I have always found this helpful because hearing the old greeting reminds me of the sharp, clear greeting I have determined is the best to leave. At some point, (b/c I'm a perfectionist and it wouldn't be unusual for me to need to record the message 3-6 times to get it right) I saved a "script" on my desktop; so it's like,

"Hi, you have reached (my name), (my position) at (my employer) I will be away from the office, not checking voice mail, until (date of return). If your message is urgent, or you wish to speak to someone more immediately, please press zero and the operator will re-direct your call. If your message can wait until (date of return) please leave your name and number and i will get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you, have a great day."

Yesterday, the message I had to record-over said that I would be out September 27, returning to work September 28th. I took a day off to work from home the day of my 38 week prenatal appointment, never imagining that i would be too busy having a baby to come back into work and attend to my voice mail the next day.

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