Friday, May 16, 2008

Gay activism

I've heard several media outlets and new sources say that yesterday was a "great day for gay activists." This freaks me out. (Or maybe "annoys me" is more accurate. ) Why is the California Supreme Court decision a great day for gay activists? (And by that do they mean activists that are actually homosexual? Or activists working for gay causes?) Is it because "gay activists" were the ones working so hard to get this thru the courts? Maybe.

But why isn't it considered a great day for GLBT everywhere? Or a great day for anyone who knows someone legally disadvantaged by anti-gay discrimination?? Or a great day for freedom in America??? Or why isn't the headline: "Bad day for anti-gay activists"? Or "Bad day If you hate the gays idea of gays getting equal rights"? How come the "gay ones" are the only activists mentioned?

Are these producers afraid there will be some "gay" somewhere that claims, "i didn't ask for this..." Or some footage of a PwanFLG [Parent (who is not necessarily a Friend) of Lesbians and Gays]? Well, I assure you, there will be.

I'm bent out of shape because i believe this type of framing of the news reinforces and perpetuates the myth that GLBT "activists" are pushy, whiny, complaining, asking for special rights, and generally promoting civil unrest. Conversely, it reinforces the misleading perspective that anti-gay activists are representing citizens that are somehow affected negatively by expanded rights for GLBT peeps. It is more appalling when anti-gay activists are called "pro-marriage"!!!

I mean, here are all these gays trying to fight for marriage. Shouldn't they get to be called the "pro-marriage" faction? I mean who gains what and who loses what?

The gays aren't saying "ONLY GAY MARRIAGE... Rights for me and not YOU!" But the fundie wingnuts are saying just that:

"Only rights for ME... I have the rights now, don't change anything!!!"

Maybe the GLBT community should be popping a temporal artery and blustering, "DESTROY HETEROSEXUAL MARRIAGE! CHANGE THE LAWS TO INVALIDATE ANY MARRIAGE THAT ISN'T GAY!!!" Maybe then the general public will wipe our feverish brow and say, "There, there, my gay-activist friend... There's room in marriage for all of us..."

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