Thursday, May 15, 2008

NPR's Debbie Downer

(Overheard in our kitchen)

t: Have you been listening to NPR this week?
k: That Melissa Block is a real downer!

(1.5 hours later on the phone...)

t: I've been laughing all morning about your dead-pan 'Melissa block is a real downer.'
k: (proud of herself) oh yeah...
t: Also b/c I realized that there is a whole group of people in my circle of friends that would also laugh and know exactly what I was referring to if I walked in room and used that line... And then there is a whole other group in my circle who will not even recognize that name and need this link to figure out what the hell is going on... yesterday this story was horrifying...
Don't even hit that link.

I can't even believe what an NPR convert i am. The first time it was on in Kt's apt when we started dating I was all like, "oh brother... talk radio." Now I can barely live without the stuff.

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