Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Update on the babies

In the last few days,

(OKAY, first let me say, that the boy got his 3rd ear infection...
We're getting good at this...
Sunday he was unusually cranky; which is to say a little fussy.
Then he woke up screaming at 2:30 am with a fever 102.3.
And so I called the pedi practice first thing and got him in by 10:30...
On antibiotics by noon.)

But that isn't what I was going to say.
The last few days, DESPITE an ear infection, JB has gotten so playful. He is figuring stuff out. He is this close to clapping and he seems to have changed a ton in his understanding of cause and effect.

It is pretty awesome. He keeps doing the cutest thing and "seeing" one of his hands and doing a little baby triple-take as if to say, "W-w-what the hell is that thing." As he slowly pushes his arm straight, he stares at his hand, sometimes turning it over to inspect his palm the way I might turn over the plastic cap of a newly opened bottle of coke, in hesitation and suspicion but still prepared to find an instant winner.

Also, it might still be months away, but when he is on his stomach, he gets up high on all fours and looks like he is going to start lunging and crawling any minute.

So the other kid that needs mentioning is Cam-cam. Remember, she is 2 weeks younger than JB. While his trademark expression is lips pursed but slightly open in what can only be described as a startled surprise, Cam-cam's standard is a wide grin, choking back a giggle reserved for whoever makes eye contact first. When we saw her on Sunday, she demonstrated two perfect versions of a wave: the rapid open-close finger variety, and the 45 degree sweep of the forearm back and forth. Furthermore, she finally proved to me that she will be able to hold her own with her older sister... At the restaurant, she was cultivating a fan base by waving endearingly at the folks at other tables. Jake just stared, brow furrowed, mouth in the normal "O" shape as if to say, "huh. waving... is this what we're supposed to be up to now?" When the other patrons went back to their menus, Cam-cam was a little miffed and kind of screeched after them, arm poised, prepared to commence the continuous waving.

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