Tuesday, May 27, 2008


If you're looking at the calendar, you know another newsletter is due tomorrow...
If you're a regular here, you know there was no month 7 newsletter actually posted...
Lemme just say, this weekend, the kid cracked us up he is growing and changing and really adorable and amazing. I will get a newsletter out even if it takes until the weekend, but here are some of the new things he did this weekend:

1) Threw his first public hissy fit: throwing head back, screaming, thrashing... at church when I tried to rescue a flower he was interested in eating. Everyone there thought it was adorable. we were both secretly proud of him caring about anything with this much passion, but we presented a firm, stern united parental front.

2) Made it clear that he was not happy we were eating cookies and milk in front of him. the sippy cup of formula I offered him was absolutely offensive

3) Truly grasped that clapping and "Hooray" are something you do when you are happy/ excited/ proud... in the course of 4 days, he has gone from not knowing how to clap to clapping when he saw us clapping, to clapping every time we say "hooray" and/or "clap for (mommy/mama/Jake)" to- I swear this is the sweetest thing he's done so far- clapping when we enter a room. I have video footage of Katy coming home from a run and JB seeing her come through the door and start clapping.

4) He somehow communicated without words that he wanted his toys rotated. He was whining and throwing his toys down in such a way that made us feel like, "I think he is bored with these favorite toys"... when we replaced the 6 usual toys with 6 new toys that were "in storage" he played on, happy as a clam for the next 30 minutes

More to follow about our sweetie pie!

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