Saturday, January 31, 2009

Catch up

There's been some blog silence. Work for me has been a hellacious endeavor as of late. My left eye has been twitching for 6 or 8 days now. I'll not expand on that here, but I've been pulling the regular hours and then coming home to put in 4 or 5 hours after the baby goes to bed.

Katy has been retiring early in the evening too. Partly because she can't bear to see me pulling my hair out while trying to reconcile time sheets from 2008 and working through budget adjustments for 2009; and partly b/c we are still in hibernation mode. Washington DC was an exciting, inspirational journey of a mini-, winter vacation. But it also kicked the crap out of us.

Last weekend, I believe katy was only awake for 6 hours a day. She's been sleeping a lot of the migratory escape from the national mall and the bone chilling memories off. As the inauguration gets further away, i am more inclined to say to those who weren't there, "It was amazing. I wouldn't have missed it for the world." My wife is more inclined to say, "We should have watched in on tv while while under an electric blanket." I think my marital role as "human furnace and generator of heat" and her marital role as "If you bump your noggin' and need some ice, I can offer my hands as a reasonable substitute" contribute to our perspectives on this matter. There are other factors too, which I won't get into now...

The next few weeks are not going to be much better. But I have some travel time for work and am scheduled to be in 3 cities over the next 2 or 3 weeks, so there may or may not be time for blogging during those trips. I am working on the 16 month newsletter, but it is not yet completed. For those that have been so patient, here are some photos from our DC experience.

[You can click to enlarge all photos]


Katy looking around

Me, getting some good shots over the crowd

The crowd:

Our soon to be BFFs:

A copy of "the rules":

A sign of the times that made me well up with pride:

I saw that sign as we climbed onto the little hill that leads to the Wash.monument. I got a little 'motional. It seemed to sum up the spirit of the people in attendance. Standing shoulder to shoulder with a few hundred thousand people? No. You are not the only one!

Then there were these signs:

When we walked down to the concert, these folks were on their megaphones and were pretty much being ignored. But on our way back, the crowd was pretty angry against the "homo sex is a sin" protesters. When we walked past, they were getting booed pretty severely by the exiting mob, but then out of the blue there was applause. We stopped to see wtf and saw several gay couples posing in front of the signs for photos. They would kiss in front of the placards, and a cheer would go up from the crowd. It was hilarious, and drowned out the sound of the megaphones. It is worth noting the diverse range of folks condemned and in need of saving according to the sign in the background: baby killing women, porno freaks, sports nuts, drunks, homos, jesus mockers, and mormons... sounds like a party!

We got to see the womb whisperer for a hot second on Monday:

This is our way into the inauguration. Don't we look warm and happy?!? In that envelope I am holding 2 Golden (well really silver) tickets.

We arrive before sunrise thinking, "When it gets light out, things will really warm up":

We travel through the 3rd street tunnel about 2 hours before all those folks got trapped. The entire time I am in there i am thinking, "i would literally die if we got trapped in here."

We battle the elements for the next 9 hours taking very few photos, but Marnie and David come through with some great shots of the masses:

And of the ceremony:

We remember to take at least one shot to prove we were there:

And one shot of our view of the crowds:

These are the faces that Marnie and David got to see:

Here's one of the faces I got to see:

(She didn't look like this the entire time, this was her special pose at the end of the day when I asked her to smile for the camera. Trust me, it was cold.)

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