Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sweet snowy weekend

This weekend I heard a lot of complaints about the weather from friends and strangers. I'm not sure what's all the crankiness about. It's the middle of January. We've had a bit of weather. A lot of it has fallen on the weekends - I think this is perfect.

Yesterday, we showed the house. (yes, it's still on the market) We don't know who saw it. We've had healthy activity and showings all along, but no offers. We're willing to negotiate if we get an offer, but not really ready yet to lower to price. The market in our town is slow, but not dead. Other properties are moving. We're not that worried - what will be will be.

JB had a lot of firsts this weekend:
- First staying up past your bedtime to dance at a corporate ("corporate" is more accurate) party
- First appearance of an eye-tooth
- First appropriate utterance of the word please (puh-eese)
- First unprompted use of the sign for "more" in a non-food related incident
- First taste of Saag Paneer and Aloo Tikki (He kept signing for more)
- First independent, appropriate play with toy tools
- New words: Baby, Papa, Mommy (sounds a little more like "babbi"), Up or uppy,
- New animal sounds: Sheep (ba-ha-ha-ha), elephant (eeeeeeeEEEEEEeeeee)
- New signs: Thank you, love you

As I eluded to in the previous post, the last week or so has been difficult. JB has been (I'm not sure if you'd call it) moody. We have found ourselves worrying about his ears, his hearing, his teeth, his tendency to throw a hissy if you try to trade out a kid's fork for the big fork he wants to hold but he can't even get to his mouth because it's too big for him and he's nearly poking his own eyes out...

Yesterday, we took a family nap in the moms' bed, and when JB woke up, he looked from one of us to the other and smiled and giggled. Then he sat up, looked out the window and saw snow falling. He pointed his little finger and said, "Whoa... Whass that?"


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