Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hibernation mode

Yesterday morning, I woke up and pretty near ran into JB's room. See, normally, he cries out somewhere between 2 and 3 am; he cries long enough that one of us needs to run in there and at least stick the binki back in his mouth. But yesterday, nothing. Straight through the night. I woke up in a panic - oh yeah, that's the kind of edge I live on...

This entire weekend has been some kind of recovery attempt at our house. My wife and i are so tired. Katy slept more than 12 hours last night AND the night before. That's not including the several naps. I'm not kidding you. She is wiped out and yesterday she accused me of getting aggravated with her that she was "sickie". I tried to deny it, but she was right, I was a little sick of it. Mostly because, it would have been the perfect weekend to sit around and watch movies in bed, but JB is so not-that-into that type of day right now. He's all, "teach me words," and "change my diaper," and "hey, I need to eat every 4 hours," and "let's read books and sing songs together," etc.

I'd be pissed at this kid for being so needy and narcissistic, but he cracks me up and very nearly makes it worth my while to stay awake during the day and observe his antics. Katy and I are still sore from all the shivering during the 12 hour, 2 million-citizen stand-in, inaugural extravaganza/walk-a-thon for hope and change on the national mall last week. (I know, I owe you pictures... they'll get here once we actually wake out of our stupor.)

Today I asked JB what an elephant says. I do a pretty amazing elephant noise that involves blowing through tightly sealed lips to create a trumpeting effect. He has no trumpeting skills yet, but he squeaked out a good impression of my impression.

Reliable source of entertainment, that kid!

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