Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Year's Morning

I'm up alone. The boy in bed by 8pm. Grannies, Katy, and even grandpa down the street were in bed before midnight. I've been up blogging and reading on the computer.

Yesterday, katy pee'd on a stick and got 2 lines!!

So, if all goes well, we are going to be moms again (and this time, I can try out the non-birth mommy, baby-mama role!)

This was our 4th try. On the lesbian-pregnancy-guru's advice we shot two doses up there 12 hours apart. I was poo-pooing the idea, guess it was a little bit of the cheap German in me (hmm... are German's "cheap" or thrifty or... i digress) not wanting to spend $700 in less than 13 hours, but i guess it was a good idea. (not to be picky, but only one of those doses worked. Wouldn't it be better to just know which one???)

Katy and I are cautiously excited and though it is too early to tell anyone, the word is spreading quickly. We told her family before Josh went back to Seattle to have the chance to tell them all in person. We told the womb whisperer. We told Kate who will tell Adam who we think will take this as a welcome hit of good news. I called my sister to ask if she was pregnant - she usually is when this is happening to us (n = 1). We told the above mentioned pregnancy guru and her wife. Katy put some less than obscure status changes on facebook:
1. I'm surprised it doesn't feel any different yet and
2. I'm glad pregnancy guru picked up the phone that night.
And then she had to tone it down when my old roommate and college friends who knew we were trying were all over those clues with congratulatory comments.

I am very excited and already impressed with my wife's level of zen: she only took ONE pregnancy test. That is so un-new pregnant lady of her!

Keep your fingers crossed GSO readers. We are four weeks into 40. Too soon to be excited, but we are!

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