Monday, May 10, 2010

A sampling of some conversations we've had with our kid in the last 24 hours

AM Conversation

Katy: (noticing the dripping snot on jB's upper lip) Do you have to wipe your nose? Do you need a tissue?
JB: No.
Katy: (staring)
JB: (brings tongue onto upper lip until he tastes nose mucus)
Yes i do.

Overheard in our kitchen - part ONE

JB: (chanting) Keep ML's hood on. Keep ML's hood on. Keep ML's hood on...
Katy: Someone start a Facebook page.

Overheard in our kitchen - part TWO

JB: (to katy) We went in the store and there was a bat full of gum.
Katy: What?
JB: There was gum in the bat.
Katy: There was gum where?
JB: In a bat.
Katy: In a bat?
JB: Yes there was. In the store... gum inside a bat.
Tracy: (from the other room): This is true, there was a plastic baseball bat that was full of bubble gum... It was beyond explanation...
Katy: (laughing) Mommy is corroborating your story.
JB: Yeah.

Conversations in Stop and Shop

Cashier: Are you about 2 years old?
JB: (not understanding the question) No...
Mommy: (translating for him) How old are you?
JB: (to the cashier, holding up the right number of fingers) Two.
Cashier: Wow. And are you... (she paused I think to decide if she would say "day care" or "school')... Are you going to... (she stammered a little again)
JB: (finishing the thought he assumed she was making) ... Josh's wedding...

This is also true... We've been prepping him for our trip to his uncle's wedding and graduation in a few weeks... but it was quite a non sequitur in the grocery store line yesterday.

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