Thursday, May 20, 2010

Goopy Eyes

Last week ML got conjunctivitis. We put the drops in for five days... it went away. A few days later, the goop came back. We restarted the drops, it started clearing right up again. He's looked great for a day or two.

Tonight, we pick JB up from day care.
There was a cheesy curd in one of his eyes... 30 minutes later, another chunk in the other eye.
A few hours later, we are duck taping his hands to his torso to keep his fingers out of his custard filled sockets which we are clearing with tissues and washcloths on intermittent-windshield-wiper mode.

We page the on-call to get some drops prescribed and start talking to JB about taking medicine and drops for his eyes so that he feels better. We notice that he feels a little warm. After a brief parental conference, we offer JB a tspn of Tylenol*... [*Well, a GENERIC dose of "Acetaminophen" because as many of you know, ALL TYLENOL PRODUCTS have been voluntarily recalled.]

So, Katy pours a dose for the boy and she and I start talking about who is going to the pharmacy to pick up the drops. And I look over and he is tipping the cup of Tylenol* back toward his eye...

"NNNNNNNOOOoooooooooo" I shout out. Katy whips her head around and JB looks at us, the plastic medicine cup held out in front of his face as if to say, "What the fuck is with you two?!?"

The moms laugh.

"That doesn't go into your eye," we tell him. "The eye drops go into your eye. The medicine goes into your mouth and belly." JB shrugs and does the shot. Then he laughs, "That's silly."

We tell him he is smart and we are proud of him for taking his medicine like a big boy.

We sigh in relief that we are on our game- there are so many chances for misunderstandings with these kids. But they are so damn cute and smart!

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Sarah said...

that's hilarious. Sorry for the reoccurring pink eye though. no fun.