Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Fun with English: "Jelly"

Scene ONE:

JB: (While brushing his teeth, he notices my spiker ice hair sculpturing gel that's sitting on the bathroom sink. He stops brushing and points with his toothbrush): Mom, you jelly up your hair with that?

Me: yup. That's right.

Scene TWO:

I sometimes use a "pretending game" that I learned at JB's gymnastics class as a way to distract him. Pantomiming painting the bottom of his feet, on one foot I spread "peanut butter" and on the other foot I spread "jelly", then I "stick" them together and pretend to nibble.

Tonight, i did that twice and then said, "How about 'ham' and 'mustard'?" I started to spread the ham on one foot and he stopped me...

JB: NO, jelly!
Me: Jelly and peanut butter? Again?
JB: (giggling) No, "Jelly" and "BEANS"

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amber said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!!