Friday, May 07, 2010

Put your hands in the air, shake your derriere

While JB was keeping us crying on our toes this week, ML did ALL of the following:
Learned to CLAP,

On one of the bad mornings when it was all about JB, ML was in the apx 12'x12' Family room- which has about 7'x9' of roaming space, when the furniture, etc is considered...

The first time we left ML unattended for a few minutes, he had wormed over to the fire place and was nibbling on the slate of the outer hearth.

The second time, we found him under the overturned play-gym- not helpless on his back- but crawling forward, like a giddy-up-and-go turtle.

The third time, he had crawled over to where the laptop was and got his fat hands on the power cord...

GAME OVER, ML. Now you can't be trusted to continue making us look good. Therefore, we will watch you like a hawk... way to earn yourself some attention! Strong work...

How cute is this kid?!?

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