Friday, May 14, 2010

Newsletter: ML 8 months

Dear ML,

This will be a short one.

I just want you to know, this has been an awesome month... YOU STARTED CRAWLING!!! You are waving. You are clapping. You are very close to pulling yourself up to standing. When I say, "very close" I mean to say you pretty much are, but you only really want to do it near the stone fireplace. You try to do it when in your crib, but that is a little too challenging. You definitely do it with our hands.

You can also speed walk while holding our fingers in your hands

You got your first eye infection this month- goopey eyes, 4 times a day drops cleared it right up. But your cough seems to be getting worse. If we are honest, you've had this cough since January... Since the week before you started day care. It is wet and productive, which means it sounds awful, but it waxes and wanes, so we have never felt like there is something that western medicine can do for you. (At this moment, I'm considering bringing you in for a visit because you are just so drippy and I want them to look at you and say, "There's nothing we can really do.") The thing stopping me if anything, is that you started a new day care only 2 weeks ago, and I'm sure the NEW GERMS you are exposed to there are the explanation for the increased drippy/goopey.

We are trying to advance your diet a little, but you are still eating stage 2 food and having 2 meals of cereal and baby food a day and 6 oz bottles during the day... and 8 oz bottles in the AM and at bedtime. It is almost time for mommy to start making you some meat and beans and for us to start really pushing the soft finger food.

You are such a happy guy. With clumps of stuff coming out of your eyes and nose, you smile wide when you see your family esp your brother, who continues to be the most entertaining person on the earth to you.

The staff at the new day care adore you. They tell us they fight over who gets to hold and take care of you in the baby room. You are a champion sleeper- no change there!

You are a joy.
We love you bug.

Your mommies


Grandpa said...

This is an awfully short newsletter considering the huge strides made recently by ML.

Tracy said...

need to edit and add more... stand by...