Sunday, December 23, 2007

Live Strong

Remember when Lance Armstrong got about 6 billion people to wear the bright yellow bracelet? I never understood what that was all about. Were folks really that inspired by his story, or did they need a quick one-lined slogan to live by that didn't ask what jesus would do?

It would have been one thing if those bracelets cost $1000 each and then you could proudly wear a 22 cent item declaring your generosity and pet cause du jour. But to me it seemed like free advertising for Armstrong's propaganda and all those people paid 1 or 2 dollars to become human billboards. Yeah, I know... I'm a cynic.

But lately, I've needed a bracelet. I was using hair ties on my wrist to remind myself which tittie was on deck for the next feeding. Like a basketball ref setting up the next possession, I would switch the hair elastic to the other wrist immediately following JB's meal time. But those hair ties quickly deteriorated after 30 or 40 hours of consecutive wear. Then I found the above bracelet which was a LMF fundraiser. I have to say, I never intended to wear this bracelet, but I think it ironic that I have had it on for about 1 month now without ever really taking it off. The slogan indicates we (gays and gay friendly straights) should be wearing these bracelets until we have achieved marriage equality. And that notion has grown on me. Maybe I'll wear it until the laws that hurt our family are changed. Or maybe until I stop breastfeeding. Or maybe until the plastic falls apart. I'm not sure. But I guess I owe a hat tip to Lance for making the plastic slogan-bracelet a reality or else I'm sure I would have a permanently lopsided rack by now.

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