Sunday, December 09, 2007

Restful Weekend

Our weekend was "unscheduled" and was supposed to be full of completing chores.

Yesterday, I spent several hours hanging lights and breaking down cardboard boxes. (The number of boxes that piled up in our garage during the last part of my pregnancy and immediate postpartum period was astounding.)

The afternoon brought a visit from some peeps that we met through Katy's teaching gig. The sweetness of getting to know new friends is amplified when if feels like you've known them for years. We fell into a rhythm of conversation and laughter that felt the very essence of Christmas. They cooed over our child, treated us to dinner, and still got us home at a reasonable hour. (All three of these things, are sad indicators of my advancing age- 1. The fact that i have a kid is still a little surprising 2. my feeble mental status has slowed my "tab-splitting math skills" and my credit card flashing speed 3. Our joy at being in bed by 10:30 last night borders on embarrassing.) The mommies even got some "adult, alone time" as it was JB's first weekend sleeping in his crib in his room...

Today, our old roommate stopped by on her way to the airport. Seeing her was wonderful. We made a yummy brunch, played a little with her daughter, introduced her to JB, and got the chance to catch up as old friends and new mommies.

The rest of the day was supposed to be dedicated to holiday prep, house cleaning, and cooking. Though I had it in my mind to make a trip to visit my sister and her family (I miss my Mac time...) but, it was just too easy to stay home, lay back, write a little, and watch some football with the kid crashed out on one or both of our chests. I should feel like I "wasted" the day, and didn't "capitalize" on the weekend... but I can't.
It was perfect.

I have a great life. (Even if our home is slightly not-clean, disorganized, and half-decorated.)

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