Saturday, December 15, 2007

Some nonsense for you to read while I'm waiting for pictures to upload

Tonight I made a marinade with curry and though i've washed my hands 1000 times since then (and changed several poopie diapers) the scent lingers.

What's surprising is how nice the odor is. I didn't grow up cooking with or smelling a lot of curry and I think my first few interactions with curry were inappropriate (curry really coming on too strong or being thrown at me in high doses.) I believed that I didn't like the spice at all. But lately, I've been adding it to things and not discarding recipes just because they contain curry and frankly, I'm better for it.

(sniff. sniff. sniff)

laaaaaa. curry.

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Dozer said...

One of Gordon's best friends is from a county in Oregon with the largest lesbian population, per capita, in the West (or so he claims). But, as he states, "These aren't hot, you-wanna-watch-em-make-out Lesbians...these are Birkenstock-wearing, curry-under-the-fingernails kinda Lesbians."

You're a hot mama AND you love the curry! I'll have to let him know :-)