Saturday, December 01, 2007

Vital Stats

J-Br went to the pediatrician on Friday...

He's huge.

13 lbs 10 oz. In the 90th percentile. Up 4 lbs from his birth weight.
25.5 inches, which is off the growth chart.
I wonder if it actually hurts to grow 4 inches in 9 weeks.
(In case you are wondering, tsadb reported a ht of 6'3" and a wt of 160lbs at 23 years of age.)

Our kid is a trouper. He got 5 immunizations, 4 injections and cried very little. He has been really amazing this last week- sleeping well during the day and at night, cooing, laughing every chance he gets. He's generally well mannered and sweet. His mommies are very much in love with his spirit and temperament.

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