Sunday, August 24, 2008

Finger food

I think I'm gonna journal about JB's diet for a while.

While we were away, following my sister's lead with CamCam, we really started giving the boy some bits of food. Meals are about to get messy and take much LONGER as we stop just spooning the goo into his head and allow him to feed his-self with his uncoordinated but adorably pudgy paws.

I guess we are supposed to pay attention and add new foods in an organized way so that in case any allergies or bad reactions surface, we know what caused 'um... but my memory being what it is right now, I know I will have to rely on the blog. So, you will have to endure some of the details.

Today, after he ate breakfast, KT warmed up some of Nana's pasta and sauce (YES, we eat Nana's leftover pasta and sauce for breakfast). JB didn't like it one bit that she was eating in front of him, and so she offered him little bites. Tasting the beloved tomato sauce for the first time, he opened his mouth WIDE for more. She make him use his new top choppers to bite off little bits of the penne, and it was CuTe!!!

Tonight I poached chicken in basil, onion, garlic, parsley, and curry. I cut it up into 1/2 cm squares and did the same with a few slices of avecado. He didn't appreciate it one bit that i tried to hide it in his rice cereal and cried and cried. But when his g'pa put some bits on the tray, he was mighty interested in feeding himself. He is not terribly good at picking up slippery stuff or finding his mouth, but showed a lot of improvement tonight even over his attempts a few days ago.

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