Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What our electrical gadgets are trying to tell us

If you looked at our DVR, you might conclude that DNC convention is part of the Olympics. For the last several weeks, we have recorded hours of Olympic events every night- some still remaining on the "My recorded programs" menu. For the last few nights, we have recorded hours of political coverage. The Democratic nominating convention is my idea of sport. ("Sports" are Katy's idea of sport.) I cannot handle the din of the crowd broadcast during live sporting events. Katy cannot handle the talking heads broadcast during political events. She also cannot handle Hillary supporters who will not "let it go" or the media lug-heads who constantly remind us of those supporters' existence. I'm kind of like, "Everyone's got a right to their opinion- even those Floridians that voted for Ralph Nader in 2004 and 2000."

Every time we put our ipod on shuffle this week, chapters from The Audacity of Hope spontaneously start playing. Katy: Do you think our ipod is trying to tell us something???


qBaz said...

The DNC is even cooler in person than it is on TV. Thousands of energized people all together in a room create a real charge in the air. (Plus, getting to hear Bill Clinton and Joe Biden speak tonight? Awesome.)

As for the HRC supporters not letting things go... I went and watched HRC's speech last night with a gang of them, and shot video.

We'll ... have to talk in person sometime about my unvarnished reaction.

Tracy said...

I watched this whole video with a sick, confused squished up face... it made me regret the debate I had with katy 2 mornings ago where I argued the point that these outliers were entitled to their vote and probably had some valuable rationale... Now I think they are entitled to their padded rooms. The only thing crazier than this that I've seen is the commentators that keep insisting Hillary and Bill will go into the voting booth and secretly vote for McCain... It's insane.

Grand Marnier said...

There was a Daily Show segment at some point this summer where they interviewed a Hillary supporter (a flaming gay man) who said that he was voting for McCain because Obama had stolen the election from HRC. Because it was the Daily Show, they went on to show this poor guy how stupid it would be to vote for a Republican just for spite. And yet, he said at the end he was still going to do it. People like that, who vote for the person and not the principles that a candidate/party stands for are insane! I just don't get it.