Monday, August 11, 2008

Life in a loop

It's been a rough few days.
We are physically and emotionally exhusted.
Our house is "drying out" and the rugs in the basement and garage are stinky.
The baby is cranky- which always makes us worried that he is sick.
Tonight he had a meltdown in the tub and cried though me trying to dress him.
Then he couldn't get enough milk but kept popping off the bottle for some reason. Then he cried and coughed until he threw up 3 times (twice on me and once on katy). I don't know what his deal is- it seems like one of those top teeth are trying to come in. Or we went to the generic brand of formula, maybe he's a name-brand kid worrying about growing up poor? Or perhaps he's just tired.

Me too.

If you're reading, birthday twin, you are on our mind, and in our thoughts and you are loved!

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Mom said...

Hopefully you'[ll get some sleep on Thursday night so that everything will look better on Friday. Looking forward to the beach trip.
Love you, mom