Saturday, August 16, 2008

More olympics and other tales of huge teeth

To bring up some other of my Olympic concerns:

1) Dara Torres - also a swimmer I would love to just love and not mock. BUT, I am not strong enough. Though, I am not worthy to carry the 41 year old's shammy cloth around in terms of her strength, fitness, over-all greatness, and champion stature, mock her I will. Oh, I will... even if I am short of breath from walking up one flight of stairs while carrying a milkshake to read about her new world record on "the intrenets". Thing is:
You can come out of the closest, Dara...
And people will still like you.
Look at Ellen and Portia!
It is 2008!
Go win your 3700th gold medal, or whatever, and then go get yourself a Lady-friend. Someone as strong on land as you are in the pool- who won't let you stay closeted. Together, you can raise the daughter you worked so hard with that "reproductive endocrinologist" partner of yours to create.

2) Synchronized diving. That's it. I don't have much else to say except W.T.F.
This sport is obviously very difficult, but it cannot be as difficult to compete as it is to watch. Just awful. Boring and weird and bizarre. And will that female commentator just please just shut her annoying #@%$ pie-hole. How did she get this job? Why is this so painful to watch? Let's be honest, it is mostly because of her inconsistent, nasally, inaccurate, allegedly-expert, banter. It looks like others agree.

I'm sure there will be more, but I will leave you with some personal updates: This week, JB had these enormous 2 top teeth finally poke through. They are about 1/2 the size of his head. No wonder he's been a little "not himself".

We are still kind of "stinky" and I think we have decided to throw away both the rug that is in our basement and the one in the garage (it was kind of weird to keep that rug in the garage anyway, but it was a nice touch for last year's Kate-a-palooza*). We thought all the wet-vaccing and some heavy duty cleaners would work to decrease the stink, but because of the timing and our lack of Olympic-sized commitment to the pursuit of wet-vaccing 5 days a week post storm, this is likely the most effective path.

We are going on vacation. I don't know the computer situation. I hope there is access, but blog posts will probably not be that frequent.

*The party-title "Kate-a-palooza" was just a cheep knock off of "Bill-a-palooza"... Even though that event was a cheep knock off of "Mitch-a-palooza", my sister keeps insisting on a foot note.

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Michelle said...

So glad to hear that other people are annoyed by the diving commentator, too. My 3yo daugther loves to watch diving and, I KID YOU NOT, she said to me "Mom, I want that lady to stop talking about them." Amen! btw, JB= Cutest ever!