Monday, August 25, 2008

You call that a sport?

The endless hours of commentary that fill the endless hours of the Democratic National Convention might break my heart. I can't take it. So, to help the intense suffering, I say over and over to the TV and to noone in particular something like this... "GET OVER IT! SHE'S NOT THE NOMINEE! WHY DO THEY KEEP TALKING ABOUT THIS?! STOP! Oh. Please. stop." To which Tracy replies... "Honey, they're just trying to fill the hours of time between speakers that anyone wants to hear."

This conversation goes on and on. And on. The only bright light is Rachel Maddow.

Tracy makes fun of me for my sports addiction (I admit it, it is an addiction). But let me say this: she watches Rachel Maddow as if Rachel herself was a sport.

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