Monday, March 03, 2008

Back to work, and Livin' large

Today was the first day of the rest of our lives.
Drop off at day care went well. It is nice to see my sister and B-I-L (we dropped off at the same time today) and the kids when i get there.

I was on time for both the drop off and for work.
(NOT "on time" as in "I tried to be early, but I was on time." But "on time" as in "I tried to be early and I was early...") Katy has been sickie for a while now with a lingering cough and general fatigue. But last night she had a fever and slept from about 4p to 9p on the couch and then 9p to 6a in bed. I tried to get everything done for this am last night, but when she woke up feeling better, she got me out of a jam by making the lunch i forgot to make as I pumped.

JB is the sweetest. He does this thing where if kt is holding him, he wants to touch her face and then if I approach them, he puts his other hand on my face. It's like he's pulling our heads/faces towards each other; circling the wagons; like he's got his whole family in his hands.

We are on a very real schedule now: eat food in high chair at 6:30, play until bath time at 8pm, dry and dress, breastfeed at 8:30p then "crash" limp-limbed during crib transfer. For the past several nights, he wakes at 1:30 for some mama's milk, and sleeps until 5:45am. We'd love for him to sleep thru the night, but he wakes up at the perfect time for our morning routine- and there's a part of us that doesn't want to mess with that...

The routine works so well, but it makes me feel a little bad about doing something that might interrupt it, like working late, or visiting peeps. I do think kids adapt to what you present to and for them, but when a kid clearly puts himself on a schedule, does that mean you should work harder to honor it?!?

Anyway, things are going well.
I feel very lucky. very loved. very in love.

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C-LO said...

I love hearing about how Jake is adjusting, and how you both are adapting to your newest family member. I give you both super props! This whole day care thing sounds rough... but hang in there.