Saturday, March 01, 2008


IT'S 0700!!! What does the "0" stand for?

Guess what, it's snowing... on a Saturday... several inches...

I woke up at what I assumed was a decent hour (because of all the snow blowing in the neighborhood...)

When I saw the clock, I kind of crapped a shit fit.
The only reason I was still asleep is b/c my wife decided it was my turn to "sleep in" and took baby duty at 6am.

WE HAVE A BABY, NEIGHBORS!!! Can't you throw us a bone and keep your heavy machinery in the garage until 8 or 9am?!?

Keep in mind, it hasn't stopped snowing, and no one has fired up their car and left the driveway... it's not like they are going anywhere and need to clear a path... they are just going to repeat this process when the snow stops in a few hours.

When I got up, I "fired back" with the only piece of heavy equipment I have at the ready: the breast pump!

By the way, it is still snowing... it's not like they won't have to be out there again in a few hours.

Question: When is it appropriate to start using loud machines to clear snow on a weekend?

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