Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Update on his "under the weather"

So the bean-boy has a diagnosis:
Viral Bronchiolitis with a secondary bacterial right ear infection.
And a course of treatment: 10 days of BID amox.

He is horse when he whimpers now and is on regular ty.lenol... we were giving him ty.lenol here and there over the weekend, but now he's on guilt-free doses... BD (before diagnosis) we weren't' sure if we were being too generous with the OTC meds.

It has to be said, we love our pediatric group. We've seen 2 of the four and they are 2 of the nicest, level-headed, don't-hesitate-to-call, poor-little-guy, you-three-are doing-GREAT, compassionate providers i've ever encountered. Also, the 3rd dude (who is really the first dude b/c he started the practice) is a little sprite man that we met in prenatal classes. He won over katy's heart with his corny but hilarious stand up routine that contained the reassuring mantra, "if you're thinking of calling the pediatrician, call the pediatrician." We met him only 2 weeks after heinous atrocities were visited on our friends this summer and I think it was the only time katy belly-laughed in those 2 weeks. Then, once when I walked by MD#3 at JB's 4 month appt- He behaved as if he had never seen an infant in his life. he's got to have been in practice for at least 20 years and he approached our boy with the excited twinkle of the candy-man (but less creepy). He said, "ISN'T. HE. JUST. MARVELOUS."
"Yes." I replied and then he about did a jig in his own waiting room over the gloriousness of our son.

Anyway, I think it has got to be kind of hard to impress two seasoned, over-educated, health care professionals. But these providers do it every time. They never make us feel overbearing or needy. They've never pushed medical doctrine too hard; when we've asked for an opinion, they've never hedged or weaselled out of it; they've never acted like there is only one definitive answer. They're incredibly respectful in that they aren't afraid to educate us (sometimes when you are in the industry, people don't tell you anything b/c they are afraid to assume you don't know). Also, they somehow convey in perfect balance that they are the experts on children, but we are still the expert on our child... I am blown away by this, but I realize (sadly) it's because I've rarely experienced it with other providers when I'm on the receiving end of the health care system.

Anyway, our poor little guy. He's in good hands, but he's just so sickie.
Out of day care again tomorrow, Nana is on private duty. More for the TLC than for anything.

In other news, Grandma Bella arrived home from her snowbird stint in Fl today (woo hoo).

And my sister spend the better half of an 8 hour work day in traffic this am trying to get to her beantown office. That's a shitty way to spend your birthday, Web... I was wishing you well, but I guess I wasn't wishing hard enough... Also, here's hoping your Jesus year doesn't include the birth of your 3rd child (that would make it the third in 3 consecutive calender years.)

LITTLE HINT: Unless you are pregnant RIGHT NOW, you can prevent this potentially back-breaking straw from falling on the camel by abstaining for the next 4 weeks... Though if you don't want 3 children in 4 years, i suggest you try birth control IN ADDITION to abstinence.

Don't do it for me... I love your kids and welcome any number of additional boo's!

All kidding aside- sorry you had such a hard travel day. Happy b-day! I love you!

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