Friday, March 14, 2008

Week in review

So much to post... so little time.

Kt is upstairs bathing the boy.
Going back to work has been really pretty smooth, but we are still figuring out how to cram a day's worth of "family time" into 2 or 3 hours at the end of the day. Kt and I keep getting into these bickering incidents that escalate into real anger before we are able to laugh off the insanity of what we are even disagreeing on.

Sleep is variable: Saturday thru Tuesday, he was up at either 1:30 or 2:30 am and then again around 5am. Last night, he slept 9pm to 5:30 am.

The day care aspect of returning to work is amazing in the amount that we are not freaking out. I feel comfortable that he is well taken care of even though I miss him and can't wait to get back and make him laugh by yelling "BOO" or nudging him off his side with my sock-covered foot. (The kid will giggle at anything.)

I think the day care workers get a little bullshit from all parents, in terms of, "Please don't feed little Penelope until she blinks three times after grabbing at her right sock for more than 30 seconds, as long as it is in between noon and one... If it is after 1pm, she will only blink twice indicating her bottle readiness..."

They (the workers) seem a little tense about "doing the right thing."

I'm sure we will have our moments too, but yesterday, we were told they were concerned about his "fussiness" when he wouldn't take a bottle...

me: was he crying
day care worker number one: no, just fussy, but he only took 2 oz
me: that's okay
dcw#1: well, he didn't seem to want to eat...
me: but he ate later, right?
dcw#1: yes, the rest of the bottle...
me: okay. We're okay with that...

If he misses a meal, we're okay with that... he'll eat when he's hungry.

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