Monday, March 17, 2008

Overexposed and under the weather

I have about 6 posts started but unfinished from the last 7 days.
Things have been busy, exhausting, bizarre, and exciting.

We haven't spoken about it yet on the blog, b/c we are grappling with how anonymous this space is or how transparent we will ultimately be on these web pages... but anyway, since last June, we have been involved in the development of a film called "marriage makes a word of difference" that the marriage equality lobbying group in our state has produced. The film was completed in January and the local press have been invited to "cover" the content. So last month, we went to a bunch of public screenings. For the last 2 weeks (yes that coincides with my return to full time employment) we have been in contact with a reporter and photographer with the NY times. Approximately 6.5 hours of our life were spent in interview and photography sessions so that literally 4 sentences referring to us might be written. But you have to admit, the photo is kick ass:

In the mean time, the babe-ster has been sick all weekend. Sick like low grade temp, wet congestion, not eating more than 2 oz ever 3-6 hrs, eyes-rolling-in-the-back-of-his-head-tired, not sleeping more than an hour or two at a time, but waking up and changing positions to fall back asleep, AND... crying. Just a sad, pathetic, whimpering kind of crying. He never really cries that much anyway, so these types of tears are kind of pathetic and heart-wrenching.

I slept about 3 or 4 hours last night. And that only happened b/c we took him to our bed... if you can call my closed-eyed awareness of his (raspy, 40 breaths per minute, coughing-in-my-ear) respiratory status "sleep." So katy and I had both taken the afternoon off from work to do our civic duty. While nearly everyone else in my extended nuclear family had some form of jury duty this week, Katy and I were invited to give testimony about the inequity of civil unions at the state capitol today.

What do you do when you are:
1) Trying to take an active role in lobbying for marriage equality
2) Happened to be positioned as "couple de jour" due to the above mentioned film and newspaper article
3) Have just returned to work from a five month maternity leave and therefore should not really indulge in PTO
4) Have a baby with his first major illness

Well, the answer, in our case is
1) Take the entire day off work... spend the first 1/2 holding your sleeping child
2) Take your meek and (adorably dressed in St Patrick's day green) sickly child to the capitol and hold him as he sleeps for 5 hours until it is your turn to testify...
3) During that time, consider leaving to bring him to the pediatrician when he refuses your nipple completely for the 3rd in 6 hours.
4) Make an appointment for him to see his provider tomorrow and have the one of you that has not been off from work for 5 months, call out from work for tomorrow... (He might not be sick enough for day care to refuse him, but he is the most needy we have ever seen him and it breaks our heart to think they might not just hold him lovingly...)
5) Testify to try to get your gay rights in order...

We were literally there for 5.5 hours and JB did little more than sleep and occasionally whimper. The moment before we stepped up to the mike, he started crying and then he sort of fell apart. I didn't get to say a word of the 3 minute testimony that I had written, b/c katy's part was first and our boy wasn't going to be passed off as we had planned. We figured later that he was either really pissed off about the homophobic "DOMA now" crowd, or he finally realized what we were doing there all day and his wails loosely translate to something like, "ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!!! THIS IS WHY WERE HERE?!? ALL THIS FOR 3 MINUTES?!? I HATE TESTIFYING!!! TAKE ME HOME RIGHT NOW!!! RIGHT NOW!!! I DEMAND IT!!!

Anyway, if this is what Brangelina have to go through everyday (to be hot, politically active and in the newpaper) I'm not sure I could handle it.
I'm just exhausted.
Hopefully our little boo will feel better tomorrow.

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