Saturday, March 08, 2008

Kid's corner

I'm trying to get an audio clip from my italk device on the ipod of JB "singing" in the morning. For a few days now, he exercises his chords during our am routine in a way which totally seems like he's singing (or at least exploring what his voice can do).

He purses his lips and sort of warbles: "ooooooooohhhhhhhhh....OOOOOOOOoooooooooooohhhhh." big breath... "ooooooooohhhhhhhhh....OOOOOOOOoooooooooooohhhhh." It is really adorable.

Also, from day care yesterday:
When I picked JB up, I spent some time with mac and cam. Cam is just adorable and getting so big, for a split second, I didn't recognize her. Mac's language skills are just ridiculous. She knows so many words and applies them in various instances.
T: Who will pick you up today, Daddy?
mac: ya, Mommy.
T: yes, mommy will be home tomorrow morning, daddy is going to pick you up tonight.
mac: yeah, daddy.
T: Is mommy coming home tomorrow?
Mac: (excited) YEAH. Wednesday!
T: (stifling a laugh at the cuteness) Yes. tomorrow is Saturday, and mommy will be home tomorrow.
mac: Saturday. Mommy
(a kid throws a toy on the other side of the room. Mac looks and quietly reminds me...)
"Brice, don't throw" (I stifle another laugh)

Then we play a game where I ask her all the names of the other kids. And she knows them and can say them all: Lindsay, Kate, Brice, Sarah, Elmo... Jacob, Alina, Cam...
While are playing this game, Alina has crawled over and pulled herself up on the car seat that JB is strapped in to go home. Mac starts speaking very quietly, and giving me sideways looks that seem to say, "TT, shouldn't we get this kid out of JB's face." She abandons our game as her "protective cousin" role becomes more interesting and pressing.

mac: (in a quiet but sort of restrained voice that is somewhere between muttering, stammering, and insisting) no, no, Alina. HIS shoes. HIS. No JB's shoes. (She glances at me like: you wanna step in here and help me out with your fancy "adult language skills")
T: Is she looking at JB's shoes? That's okay we're here with her and she's JB's friend too.
mac: no, no, Alina. no shoes. JB's shoes...

Mac gives me one more subtle, "thanks for all the support" look of concern and drapes herself over the bottom half of his car seat in a dramatic hug that would make touching his shoes impossible. "Hi JB...hi..." (still hugging him, body-blocking Alina) "oh, hi JB..."

I was on standby waiting with a little concern that mac might have opted to shove this other little girl away. She didn't come close to attacking, but she found a way to "protect" him from a potential shoe thief and/or would-be groper.

i love that little girl.

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