Monday, February 11, 2008

The L Word - season five

We don't talk about it much because it is not our favorite show on TV, but we are dedicated to supporting The L Word. Every year, we order Sho.wtime the day the season starts and cancel the pay channel the day after the season ends. (We hope that helps send the message that lesbians are willing to pay for it... err, um, you know what I mean.) Some lesbians I know have nothing but contempt for the show. But as I have debated with Dr BB and others, even bad candy is better than no candy at all.

The basic complaints I've heard about The L word can generally be summarized:
1) It is soft core porn
2) The sex is unrealistic. Perhaps choreographed more for men than for womyn who love women
3) It's not a realistic representation (ie- Lesbians aren't that rich, don't look that good, or dress that nice)
4) The dialog is so "educational" at times it seems like a giant, gay public service announcement
5) Jenny Schecter: crazy-annoying and crazy; how the eff is this character getting this much airtime?
6) Max: the only butch lesbian wants to be a man

Briefly, here are my counter arguments:
1) And???
2) Like this isn't also true of all sex on every soap opera since the beginning of time
3) Similarly, this is true of most TV shows. Ex: Gray's Anatomy- the richest, hottest, trendiest interns ever!
4) Some candy is better than no candy
5) No counter argument, I hate her
6) Max's pathetic attempt to use bogus "tech" terminology is way more problematic for me than the fact that he wants to be a man

Kt and I are pretty low key, and don't take our TV too seriously, so for the most part we really enjoy The L word. (Except that season I tried to block out when it was all about Jenny's suppressed carnival memories...)

Anyway, this season so far has been my favorite. It seems much more well-written. The characters seem to have settled into themselves. The tempo is right. The music is so much better. The dialog is funny. Max has fewer lines. And though Jenny is a huge part of the storyline, she is now viewed as crazy and annoying in the eyes of the other characters which makes watching her more enjoyable.

Another funny thing about this season, is that Katy has started to watch the show as if it is a horror film. We have been watching a lot of Weeds and Lost on DVD, and I guess this has affected her expectations. She is ready all all times to believe that the characters are about to be arrested, "caught," found out, and/or killed anytime they are having fun or generally experiencing life. No matter what is going on on screen, Kt warns me, "This isn't going to end well." So far, she's said this during party scenes, make-out scenes, the opening of a new club scene. Like what's the worst that can happen, someone gets a drink thrown on them?!?

Characters are swimming, talking on phones, ordering lunch and my wife whispers nervously, 'This isn't going to end well." To be fair, she's accurately warned me 3 times on 3 separate shows, recently, that a character was about to be hit by a bus. But so far on The L Word, nothing close to tragedy has occurred this season, and it's made my wife seem like a paranoid Debbie Downer off her meds. Kt's even started laughing and adding, "or it might be okay..." when the scene ends without a car explosion, etc.

So tonight,



Bette and Tina hooked up!!!
I didn't realize that I was rooting so hard for them to get back together but yeah, um... I was.



So they start romping in bed together and Katy's (all-like) covering her eyes with her hands, fingers slightly spread so she can see some of the action, "This isn't going to end well."

And well, it seemed to end well to me.
(Nudge-nudge, know whut I mean, aye.)

Here's hoping that things don't get all weird and the minute Kt lets her guard down, there's some kind of terrorist event on the show!

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