Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Night Terrors

So last night was the first night that the baby cried all night long.


We put him to bed at 9pm after a full 6 oz of pumped breast milk. He woke at 10:30 and fussed for about 20 minutes before he started sobbing. We assumed by his body language that this was a digestion thing, and as soon as he pooped, he would settle down. Alas, the miraculous baby excrement has still not revealed itself...

He squirmed in katy's arms until12:30, intermittently napping and screeching. Then I sent her to bed and slept with him in the glider until about 4:30am with him waking every hour or so to get about 10 minutes of sobbing out. Then I took him into bed with us which lasted about 2 hours until Katy finally gave in and got up with him to give me a break and start some laundry. We dosed him twice with Ty.lenol even though he has no fever and we are not sure what hurts him...

I checked for teeth- nothing. We've rubbed him, patted him, rocked him, nursed him with no reassuring results. He finally fell asleep in the car, bringing katy to work this morning (oh did we mention that her car's been in the shop since Saturday.) I've been dealing with a cough and some congestion that I guess I've passed to the boy, but in his 19 weeks of life, we can't recall him crying more in a 12 hour period than he did last night.

Does he know something I don't?

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