Tuesday, February 05, 2008

A Super, Fat Tuesday

Ash Wednesday is tomorrow which makes today "Fat Tuesday."

In an unrelated story, today is Super Tuesday.

Tomorrow lent starts.
Tomorrow the results of 24 state primaries (including ours) will be history.
Tomorrow begins the final countdown to the major party presidential nominations.
Also, tomorrow is the day we put our trash and recycling out.

Coincidence? I think not. (by they way, I just wrote and erased "knot" back there.)

It's a good day to be a Democrat.

McCain is everything I could hope for in a republican front runner: moderate, seemingly honest, a terrible stumper, a debater of average skill, and a true American hero. If his party lets him win the nomination instead of slandering his good name and painting him as a flip-flopping traitor to put another man with 1/32 of the courage and resume on the ballot, the country might actually have a choice of moderates running for president. Though I respect him, John McCain's commitment to the alleged "war on terror" and his unnecessary, recent pandering to a conservative coalition that will never endorse him makes him a man I will not vote for.

Barack Obama is everything you could hope for in a president. Especially after 8-9 years of cringing every time GWB opened his mouth, Obama gets me every time. His oratory skills, his style, his presentation, his brainpower, his influences and heroes, his multiculturalism, his confidence, and mostly, his convincing display of humility is refreshing, inspiring, and presidential. He makes Bill Clinton seem awkward and twitchy. And trust me when I tell you, Bill Clinton is not awkward nor twitchy. I smelled Bill Clinton's armpit once after he had given a speech on a sunny, hot afternoon in an un-shaded quad. I wasn't trying to smell his armpit, mind you. I was standing next to the wooden traffic horse of a police barricade, and he was reaching over me to touch hands in the crowd behind me. After 4 hours in the sun in a navy blue suit, the man's armpits smelled of roses on a cool spring day.

I would be proud to cast a vote for either of the democratic frontrunners. I would be proud to see either of them as president.

Hillary has her detractors, but I've always liked her. When she put her health care proposal together in the late 90's she was right on. She was trailblazing and ahead of her time. She was crucified by a republican congress that was out for blood. There are people that hate her. They HATE, H-A-T-E her, H to the ATE her!!! But I am leery of those that hate someone they have never met. I have a little experience with being hated by people that have never met me. People hate her because she is a woman; because she supposedly has done nothing to get where she is. I say have a conversation with her before you decide that she is not smart or qualified enough to fill the role of senator or leader of the free world. The myth that she is not qualified is nonsense.

People hate her because she is a good wife, because she "stood by her man." That is an insult. As if there was a right move she could have made in that scenario... imagine, a first lady that ditches the president for being unfaithful. As if that would have been good for the country, or for her future, or for her family?!? Everyone's entitled to an opinion. Mine is that anyone who sees fit to judge another for how they react to an intimate betrayal is begging for karma to come kick them in the teeth (or lower).

People say she is not electable and I say, "Nominating someone who is 'electable'? That tactic didn't work so well for the Democrats in 2000 or 2004."

People say we shouldn't continue this dynasty of Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton. I am inclined to agree, but we can't deny that this is the way our country has always run... the Adams, the Roosevelts, the Kennedys to name a few. Maybe the buck should stop here, but the Clintons have been good for this country and her experience as First Lady did put her at tables with world leaders who have come to know and trust her... And her husband would make a damn fine smelling first First Gentleman!

People say she is a bitch. Hell yes she is a bitch! How's a bitch supposed to get ahead in this world without ACTING OUT! But the thing is, I don't know her and I doubt she's a bitch; I think she just a strong, smart, hardworking woman that comes off as "bitchy." So, there's where I'm stumped, because well... what can I say, I've got a soft spot for good, strong, intelligent, hardworking women who come off as bitchy.
I won't apologize. I think it's hot.

Give'um hell, Hillary.

And if things go terribly wrong for Hills, then I'll get the chance to vote for both of my favorite mainstream candidates this year!

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