Sunday, February 10, 2008


This might be the most interesting and informative site I have ever visited.

For all of you out there that might think this information is boring or superfluous, I don't even know what to say... except um... YOU HAVE NO BALLS BOOBS!

The internet is truly miraculous!
One time, I fixed our AC by googling "puddle of water on floor in basement" and "central air conditioning," literally saving us HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS in equipment and the butt-crack fees of a visiting repair-person.

Today i googled, "bra straps falling down" and learned more about bra sizing and support than I have been able to glean in my 16 plus years of big-bustedness.

Thanks, God.

There might be an essay idea brewing about how the internet is everything we've come to believe about God: Invisible, Omnipresent, Seemingly all-knowing, You can't see him/her/it but you know s/he/it's there, Sometimes you ask a question or start out looking to find one thing and are surprised at the answers you get or come upon something completely new or unexpected... I could go on and on with this analogy.

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