Tuesday, February 26, 2008

No, I haven't cried...

This is the number-one favorite question people at work ask me related to my putting our son in day care: Have you cried? (or variation: Have you been crying?)

I don't know... Am i emotionally stunted? I miss him a ton, but crying hasn't happened yet. Not even close.

Stomach ache? yes.
Exhausted? yes.
Melancholy? a little.
Anxious? yes.
Irritable? kind of on edge? yes and well, yes.
Stressed? for sure.
Alternating between manic and non-productive? that's true.

Looking at the above list, maybe I should pull out a nose hair and let the tears work their magic, but I don't feel like I'm suppressing the hysteria. I mean, it is hard. It's actually harder than I thought it would be to leave him there every day... but...

I can't help feeling as if the people at my work have been day-dreaming about my return to my duties, and in their dreams I'm sobbing. Maybe I'll get my period or something and have a good cry soon, but in the mean time, I'm sorry to disappoint the crowd (Even if it is a crowd full of crying crybabies...)

In other news...
KT has the GI bug now, but no vomiting so far.

My milk supply- dangerously low after last week's moratorium on eating- seems to be returning to acceptable levels.

Work is good. (lame adjective, i know, but I'm too ambivalent to come up with a more colorful one.) I've been mostly working on a project from home, but getting the boy to day care a few times per week to "ease into it". Today I went into the office for an 11am meeting. I tried to get there for 8:30 (a full 30 minutes before anyone else on my team would be there.) When I arrived at 9:20 everyone was impressed and excited except for me- I alone knew that I was actually 50 minutes late. (If I were my boss, I would hate me.)

The boy: he now rolls over all the time from back to front. And though he can support his head really well he eventually feels frustrated that he can't get off his stomach. He does this in his sleep and when he wakes up he's like, W!T!F! WHhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAHHH! Last night for the first time in weeks, we were up at 12, 3a, 4:30, and 5:30 (ahhhWweSoooMmme!)

He's eating like a champ: rice cereal and sweet potatoes, so far.

There's more, but I'll save it for the newsletter... I gotta go pump before bed and check on my sicky-boo.


Anonymous said...

Next stop: avocado. Love you guys! Scoutgjee

Amy said...

Beware the sweet potatoes!
I didn't know it until it was too late that babies don't process beta-karotene well, and they turn orange alarmingly quickly.
All of Kidlet's pictures from age 8 months to 18 months feature an orange nose.
*sigh* LT and I have been saying from day one that we're completely inept parents. We have photographic evidence to prove it...