Saturday, February 09, 2008

You don't call, you don't write...

So, it's been 4 days since Obama, Hillary, a member of the Kennedy family or some other less famous pol has called or emailed me... Well, that's not true, Obama and Hillary email me every day, but I have not received an email from Ted or Caroline since Tuesday.

Having their voices on our answering machine was kind of cool, actually. But we went ahead and deleted all evidence, assuming they would keep calling. Also, their voices and messages were just too impersonal. 90% of the phone messages we receive start with "Yo..." or "Hey..." When Hills or Barack knows us well enough to begin with one of those salutations, or gives us a "Listen, Dogg, you don't have to call me back, but you know why I'm calling... go vote... Peace-out..." THEN we'll save the message!

(Knowing that we are still about 5 years behind in lingo, would go a long way toward making me feel properly canvassed, courted, and screened.)

If the message started with "Whaaatssaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap!" I would know that they didn't really even try to get to know the "evolving" me at all.

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