Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Yes we can...

This is old news now... I've seen it on several blogs and heard it referenced on the local news, but today after I watched it for the 3rd time (it was the first time that I watched it with not a crying baby on my shoulder, but a sweet, sleeping baby on my shoulder) I decided I wanted to post it here too.

There is some criticism of artists and "famous" people playing a role in politics as if they aren't also citizens. But in my mind, this type of art is why being a free people matters.
It looks like it was fun to make.
It feels good to let your guard down and experience music and words and a spirit of collaboration.
It feels good to be inspired.

If you have the opportunity to watch this video while your sleeping 4 month old snores a congested, peaceful, rhythmic bass line innocently into your ear, I highly recommend you do so... but keep a tissue handy

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