Friday, February 15, 2008


They are resurrecting Kitt. Now that Night Rider will be introduced to a new generation of Americans, maybe or SNL will use my skit idea:

Imagine... "Knight Rider- the college years"

scene one
(Michael Knight, drunk outside a bar, stumbles into the bushes, pukes, and slurs into his wrist watch:) Kitt... come pick me up.

(Red lights in front grill flash back and forth) whoo-whoo-whoo.

(Cue theme music:) do-do-do-do...

Car: Michael, you're drunk again.

scene two
see the car bouncing and windows fogged up.
Flash to inside the car and the ashtray opens revealing a condom.
(moans and groans from the back seat)
Kitt: Michael, don't forget protection.


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